Cohen Medical Associates is a family medical center and research center located in Delray Beach, FL.
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Welcome to Cohen Medical Associates
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Primary Care

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All doctors at Cohen Medical Associates are board-certified family physicians, and that means we are trained in internal medicine as well as general medical care, including dermatological needs.

We are really the quarterback of your medical team. Medicine is so complicated, with different treatments and therapies coming out, and the interaction of the varying illnesses and medicines, that not one doctor can take care of everything. You need a team of doctors, and your family doctor is the quarterback, coordinating the right care for you.

When you are feeling sick, please contact our office for same day appointments. We will make you our priority and fit you in to be seen right away.

Meet Our Primary Care Doctors

Dr. Cohen enjoys getting to know his patients and gives them his undivided attention.

Primary Care

Welcome Dr. Bergmann to the Cohen Medical Associates team!

Primary Care

Dr. Baggett sees medicine as her calling and seeks to provide excellent care to each patient.

Internal Medicine

Dr. Albanese provides the highest standard of primary care to her patients.

Dr. Colman takes great pride in the trust he has earned from hundreds of patients.