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If you think you can stay safe from an E. coli outbreak simply by avoiding Wendy’s hamburger chain, our primary care doctors in Delray Beach think you need more information. For one thing, it’s not just Wendy’s that has had trouble with contaminated lettuce. For another, it’s not just lettuce that causes E. coli outbreaks, along with other foodborne illnesses. And many of those infections can prove deadly. Widespread contamination Wendy’s restaurants were found to be the source of an E. coli outbreak last month that infected at least 97 people in six states and caused 43 of them to be hospitalized. But the

The first case of polio in the U.S. in nearly 10 years detected in a New York City suburb this summer has raised alarms among public health officials. Ever since the news broke, our primary care doctors in Delray Beach have been receiving calls from some of our patients, worried that they may be at risk. Those who remember the horrific outbreaks in the 1940s-50s have good reason to be concerned: pictures of people—many of them children—confined to iron lungs to help them breathe; memories of parents crawling along the floor because they were paralyzed; young children in leg braces struggling

In yet another indication many people’s idea that COVID-19 is “no worse than the common cold” is incorrect, a new study published last month in the journal Lancet Psychiatry looked at the longer-term effects of the virus on the brain. It found that those who got COVID-19 had a higher risk of developing such brain disorders as dementia and brain fog up to two years after recovery from the initial infection, compared with those who had other respiratory illnesses. Our primary care doctors in Delray Beach wanted to share this information with you, because we’ve been hearing from so many people lately

When you’re a kid and you fall off your bicycle, you’ll probably suffer nothing worse than skinned knees and palms. When you’re older and playing rough-and-tumble sports, you expect to fall. No big deal. But when you’re a senior and you fall accidentally, the stakes are much higher. Not only are our bones more fragile when we’re older, but falls can ultimately prove deadly with age. Even if there are no injuries, however, the residual fear after a fall can linger for weeks or longer. And our primary care doctors in Delray Beach want to assure you that this phenomenon can happen at

Our primary care doctors in Delray Beach would prefer that all our patients follow the recommended guidelines from the American Heart Association (AHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO), among others, to exercise moderately to vigorously for a total of 2.5 hours a week. In reality, however, we know that doesn’t happen very often, despite the best of intentions. People’s schedules are already full, they don’t have a place to exercise, or perhaps their physical limitations preclude strenuous workouts. This is a shame because study after study has shown the myriad benefits that come with regular exercise. The payoffs of exercise These include: Heart

Ever since news reports that President Biden had a “rebound” infection of COVID-19 after taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid, our primary care doctors in Delray Beach have heard questions from some of our patients who are now concerned about using it. Here’s why you should not hesitate to take it if you’re eligible. About Paxlovid Paxlovid is a prescription antiviral drug manufactured by Pfizer, specifically to treat mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19. Studies show it is nearly 90 percent effective at preventing serious illness and hospitalizations. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Paxlovid if: you tested positive for COVID-19 you’re at

Many people believe that the condition known as deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) only occurs in older people or those who have been confined to bed or are traveling long distances in cramped quarters, like an airplane. But our primary care doctors in Delray Beach want you to know that anyone is susceptible to this dangerous, potentially deadly condition. This was underscored late last month when “the fastest man in the world,” British runner Max Burgin, who just turned 20, was forced to withdraw from the World Championships after developing a DVT in his calf. “I pulled out of the 800m at the World Champs

You may be tired of hearing our primary care doctors in Delray Beach tell you that the latest version of the COVID-19 virus is the worst one ever, but that is actually the case with the current omicron subvariant, BA.5. That’s because it’s the nature of viruses to evolve to survive and thrive. And as we’ve seen since the beginning of the pandemic, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is particularly good at this. The BA.5 subvariant is currently responsible for over 80 percent of the new COVID-19 infections in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Good news, bad

Can you stand on one leg for 10 seconds? Our primary care doctors in Delray Beach hope the answer is yes because a new study published last month in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggested that an inability to do so nearly doubled the risk of death from any cause within the next decade. It may seem simple, but it’s an important skill: In addition to this study, earlier research has linked the inability to stand on one leg to a greater risk of falls as well as earlier cognitive decline. The Test For the current study, researchers asked 1,702 Brazilians ages

According to Harvard Health, a single night of poor sleep can not only leave you feeling cranky and unmotivated, but also over time, raise the risk of a number of chronic health problems, including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. It can also leave you more vulnerable to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Johns Hopkins Medicine reports that chronic sleep deprivation can also increase your risk of dementia by 33 percent and age your brain by as much as three to five years. This is why our primary care doctors in Delray Beach often urge our patients to