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Research Studies

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Cohen Medical Associates is working to improve healthcare by bringing new medications to market, and now conducts clinical research studies. We are currently seeking volunteers to participating in the following studies:


Myocardial infarction

Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis


Mild Dementia



All types of Arthritis

If you would like more information or are interested in participating in a clinical research study please call Laura Heaney or Liz Quezada at (561) 496-7200 or fill out the following form:


What is a clinical research study?

Clinical research studies are carefully regulated trials funded by pharmaceutical companies. Volunteers receive investigational treatments supervised by qualified physicians and other research professionals. Cohen Medical Associates only participates in clinical research studies trials approved by the U.S. government's FDA as well as Institutional Review Boards. Clinical testing of new drugs is done methodically and that ensures you receive closely monitored attention.

For example, in a clinical drug trial volunteers are randomly assigned to receive one of three kinds of medication:

  1. The drug involved in the study

  2. A drug currently on the market

  3. A placebo

The volunteers then have regular checkups to determine how the treatment is working

Benefits to joining a clinical research study:

By volunteering in a clinical research study with Cohen Medical Associates, you aid in the development of new medical treatments that may improve or cure life-threatening and chronic diseases. However, people participate for many different reasons, ranging from simply helping the advancement of science to trying the latest treatment for a particular disease or condition. Before volunteering do your own research. Remember, study volunteers are always free to withdraw from the trial at any time and for any reason.

What happens during a clinical research study?

Once you consign consent to participate in a clinical trial, Cohen Medical Associates will conduct a physical examination and a review of your medical history. You will also receive a detailed description of your specific clinical research study and what's expected. You will need to keep scheduled appointments and follow medication times and doses. Make sure you inform you regular physician before you are entering any study or trial, and continue to keep open communication between your doctor and the doctors conducting the study.

After the clinical research study

When the clinical research study concludes you resume your usual medical care. Pharmaceutical companies might continue to provide the study medication if you have a serious illness and are responding well. Or, volunteers must wait for the drug to become available to the public.

During that waiting period the clinical research study data is reviewed, and the information determines whether a drug is safe and effective. FDA medical advisors and specialists are involved in the review process. Even after a drug is approved, studies continue to determine how the new drug compares to other drugs on the market. More studies may be conducted to evaluate a drug's long-term impact.

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